A system analysis tool for incident first responders. Supports Windows XP and above. Mercury creates a gzip-compressed evidence file with an internal Sqlite3 database. If you are using the encryption feature, use the password "mercury" without quotes. The encryption uses a self-signed certificate, for custom PKI integration, an enterprise license and binary is required. Contact us for pricing details. (Hint: Probably cheaper than Encase Enterprise and AccessData FTK)

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Browser History Examiner
A tool to capture comprehensive browser history most major web browsers. History Examiner can also reach into all subdirectories and search for history files an examiner may have missed during a manual inspection. Creates a sqlite3 results database.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
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File Tagger
Recovers Windows file tags from a given directory. This tool is also capable of recursing into subdirectories and searching for any tags that may have been deleted. Creates an output file in a CSV or text format. BETA, developed for DC3 competition.
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